Professor Odd 8 – Chronostrophe

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Professor Odd #8: Chronostrophe

  • FICTION>Science Fiction>Time Travel
  • FICTION>Fantasy>General
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 10 and up
  • Compare with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Bill Nye the Science Guy
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  • Paperback available from: AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!


Asynchronous time travel is a tricky thing. Some universes are flexible enough to maintain various timelines without collapsing into paradoxical situations. Others get around the problem by not allowing it to happen at all.

But when Professor Odd and her crew visit one of these “temporally rigid” worlds they discover someone has been messing about in both the past and the future. What began as a piece of cake turned inexplicably to pie turns out to be a tremor from a catastrophe that occurred outside of conventional time—sending the universe into spiral of self-destruction.

Tumbled together with a mysterious boy and his time-traveling blue horse, Odd, Alister, Elo and Dave find themselves on an adventure across the eons to the far distant future. And to avert the impending destruction of the universe they must step outside time and space altogether.

Luckily, Professor Odd has just the thing for that…

“Chronostrophe” is the eighth episode in the serial adventures of Professor Odd, multiversal traveler extraordinaire, and her cohort: Elo the mutant wolf, Alister the misplaced university student, and Dave, the bright green tentacle creature.

Available internationally from: Amazon KindleNOOKKoboiTunes

Available in print from: AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!

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