Professor Odd 7 – The Dogs of Canary Island

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Cover for Apsis Fiction 3.1: Aphelion 2015. Coming Fall 2015 from Heliopause.


Professor Odd #7: The Dogs of Canary Island

  • FICTION>Science Fiction>Action/Adventure
  • FICTION>Fantasy>General
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 10 and up
  • Compare with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • eBook available from: Amazon KindleNOOKKoboiTunes
  • Paperback available from: AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!


Arms Division Ranger Omu Akit, a steadfast dog, would never question a mission. Not when thrown onto a deserted island with only a nervous Science Division Tech to lead them to the secret objective. Not even when their team Alpha is injured and he must take command of the disparate team of dogs—including the nervous Tech and a Medic with an agenda of her own.

Then an honest-to-human, mind-reading wolf appears on the scene, along with a not-a-human asking questions that reveal a conspiracy that shakes the foundations of canine society. Ranger Omu always knew it was better not to ask questions. Too late for that now.

“The Dogs of Canary Island,” the seventh installment in the Professor Odd series, follows the adventures of the universe-hopping Professor and her companions Alister, Elo and Dave. And in this case, seven cybernetically enhanced, anthropomorphic dogs.

Available internationally from: Amazon KindleNOOKKoboiTunes

Available in print from:  AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!

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