Professor Odd 4 – The Elder Machine

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Professor Odd #4: The Elder Machine

  • FICTION>Science Fiction>Action/Adventure
  • FICTION>Fantasy>General
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 10 and up
  • Compare with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Bill Nye the Science Guy
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  • Paperback avilable from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!


In a universe much like our own, Professor Alister Bane lives a quiet life as an archeologist at Oxford University. But when a nearby excavation triggers a psychotic episode in one of his colleagues, Professor Bane finds himself tumbling down a rabbit hole of strange phenomena and frightening possibilities. Having to contend with a slew of disappearing interns and his own terrifying hallucinations, Alister Bane finds his mind—and his whole world—unraveling even as he searches for a solution. It all comes down to half-forgotten memories, a madman’s allusion to the thing with “terrible arms” and a nightmare of being trapped in a cold, dark place. But when he finds the answer, it is something beyond even his wildest dreams.

“The Elder Machine” is the fourth installment in Goldeen Ogawa’s sci-fi novella series chronicling the adventures of Professor Odd—and in this case, Professor Bane as well. It first appeared in Apsis Fiction 1.2: Perihelion 2014.

Available internationally from: Amazon KindleNOOKKoboiTunes

Available in print from:  AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!

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