Driving Arcana – Rotation Two

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Driving Arcana: Rotation Two

  • FICTION>Fantasy>Contempory
  • FICTION>Fantasy>General
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 12 and up
  • Compare with American Gods and Supernatural
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  • Paperback available from: AmazonBarnes and Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!


Jill Hamilton would call herself an ordinary person. Certainly in comparison to the sharpshooting, monster-savvy Selene Shields and the six-and-a-half-foot tall, sword-wielding Clara Nordstern.

But Selene and Clara would say that ordinary people, on discovering that the heavy-metal rock star performing in Las Vegas is a vampire, would not want to get an impression of his teeth. Which is exactly what Jill Hamilton wants to do.

Not content to simply fight the supernatural forces of evil, Jill Hamilton is also set on understanding them—and if that means interviewing a vampire, hunting angels, or exorcising demons, then so be it!

Driving Arcana: Rotation Two follows the saga of two women in a big red truck—and one on an overpowered motorcycle—as they investigate a murder in the sewers of Las Vegas, the mysterious disappearance of a Utah boy, and help a charming, lapsed minister exorcise a particularly determined demon. It includes the fourth, fifth and six episodes in Driving Arcana, Wheel One:

  • 4. Sex, Blood and Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • 5. God, or Aliens
  • 6. Missionary Man

Available internationally from: Amazon KindleNOOKKoboiTunes

Available in print from:  AmazonBarnes and Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!

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