Apsis Fiction 2-1: Aphelion 2014

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Apsis Fiction Volume 2, Issue 1: Aphelion 2014

  • FICTION>Fantasy>General/Anthologies and Short Stories
  • FICTION>Science Fiction>General/Anthologies and Short Stories
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 12 and up
  • Compare with Amazing Stories, Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Smith’s Monthly
  • eBook available from: Amazon Kindle, iTunesKobo and NOOK
  • Paperback available from: Amazon (U.S. and Europe), Barnes and Noble, direct via Create Space, and your local book store.


An Elder Dragon has returned to Kyreland—the first to be seen in thousands of years—and Bouragner Felpz is called in to mediate; a young man falls victim to not one, but three grotesque fates; upon being cast out of Heaven, Lucifer makes a surprising new friend; and in Las Vegas, Jill Hamilton is on a mission to conduct her very own interview with a famous vampire rock star—but will she live to tell about it? A new take on Little Red Riding Hood suggests the wolf is not the true monster; and in the final story, Professor Odd must convince two warring species to work together—before they are destroyed by a cataclysmic event.

These are the stories of Apsis Fiction: Aphelion 2014, the third issue of Goldeen Ogawa’s semi-annual anthology of fantasy and science fiction.

Aphelion 2014 includes:

  • “Griffin’s Blood” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #4)
  • “The Three Fates of Talias Minn” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #5)
  • “The Trickster and the Devil” (Standalone)
  • “Sex, Blood and Rock ’n’ Roll” (Driving Arcana #4)
  • “How Riding Got Her Red Hood” (Standalone)
  • “The Dragons of Geda” (Professor Odd # 5)

eBook available from: Amazon Kindle, iTunesKobo, and NOOK

Paperback available from: Amazon (U.S. and Europe), Barnes and Noble, direct via Create Space, and your local book store.

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