Professor Odd: The Complete Season One

Heliopause Productions is proud to present:

Professor Odd: The Complete Season One

  • FICTION>Science Fiction>Action/Adventure
  • FICTION>Fantasy>General
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 10 and up
  • Compare with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • eBook available from: Amazon Kindle, iTunesKobo, and NOOK
  • Paperback coming soon from: AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!


From present-day England to far-future Africa to worlds teetering on the edge of existence, Professor Odd and her world-hopping ship, the Oddity, have traveled the multiverse.

She and her friends—the erstwhile university student, Alister Bane, the super-intelligent mutant wolf, Elo, and the bright green tentacle monster whose name is unpronounceable but allows himself to be called Dave—find themselves rescuing magicians and deprogramming supercomputers, fighting killer robots and befriending dinosaurs.

But the greatest mystery is the identity of the Professor herself. And to learn that secret, the crew must travel to the universe where it all began: Professor Odd’s own home.

Beyond your wildest dreams is only the beginning in this, the first complete season of Professor Odd, featuring episodes 1 through 6 of the all-out science fiction adventure series:

  • The False Student
  • The Slowly Dying Planet
  • The Promethean Predicament
  • The Elder Machine
  • The Dragons of Geda
  • and The Monster’s Daughter (parts 1 and 2)

Now with all-new illustrations, and the bonus short story “Amar and Desta’s Big Day Out.”

Available internationally from: Amazon Kindle, iTunesKobo, and NOOK

Print coming soon from: AmazonBarnes & Noble, direct via Create Space and your local bookstore!

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