Professor Odd


Alister Bane is an ordinary university student who has just begun an adventure of extraordinary proportions. Compelled to flee his home universe by circumstances beyond his control, he finds himself in the company of the insatiably curious Professor Odd, a tentacle monster named Dave, and a talking dog. Together they travel the multi-verse in the Professor’s trans-dimensional ship, the Oddity, and until he can set the record straight in his own world, Alister is along for the ride.

new episodes published semi-annually in Apsis Fiction


#11: Davebot
September 2017 in Apsis Fiction 5.1: Aphelion 2017
November 2017 Single.


The Complete Season One

Professor Odd Episodes

Season One

False Student Cover#1: The False Student

#2: The Slowly Dying PlanetSlowly Dying Planet Cover




Promethean Predicament Cover #3: The Promethean Predicament


 #4: The Elder Machine




05DragonsofGedaSm#5: The Dragons of Geda


#6: The Monster’s Daughter




Season Two

07DogsofCanarySm#7: The Dogs of Canary Island

08ChronostropheSm#8: Chronostrophe




#9: Star Walkers

#10: The Thousand Songs




#11: Davebot





Season 1

  1. The False Student (Season 1)
  2. The Slowly Dying Planet (Season 1)
  3. The Promethean Predicament (Apsis Fiction 1.1, Season 1)
  4. The Elder Machine (Apsis Fiction 1.2, Season 1)
  5. The Dragons of Geda (Apsis Fiction 2.1, Season 1)
  6. The Monster’s Daughter (The Detective & Subject 0-D) (Apsis Fiction 2.2, Season 1)

Season 2

  1. The Dogs of Canary Island (Apsis Fiction 3.1, Season 2)
  2. Chronostrophe (Apsis Fiction 4.1, Season 2)
  3. Star Walkers (Apsis Fiction 4.2, Season 2)
  4. The Thousand Songs (Apsis Fiction 5.1, Season 2)
  5. Davebot (Apsis Fiction 5.2, Season 2)
  6. Cerberus Retired (Talking to Strangers & The Good Man Bane) (Apsis Fiction Volume 6, Season 2)

Season 3

  1. The Angels of Tyson-4 (Season 3)
  2. The City Under Ice (Season 3)
  3. The Dreams of Doctor Morag (Season 3)
  4. The Great Astral Reef (Season 3)
  5. Eyes in the Deep (Season 3)
  6. Ships in the Dark (The Last Voyage of the Odyssean & Passing In Mist) (Season 3)

Season 4