Driving Arcana


What do you do when the supernatural world crashes, horribly and violently, into yours? Well, if you’re Jill Hamilton, you hire yourself a couple of hard-bitten, demon-hunting, monster-killing bodyguards, get in your dead boyfriend’s giant truck, and you go out and study it.

Welcome to the saga of Driving Arcana, the tale of three women on a mission to catch unicorns, talk to vampires, and understand the impossible—and maybe kill some monsters on the way—for science, justice, and the fight against evil.

new episodes published semi-annually in Apsis Fiction


RotationOneCoverDriving Arcana: Rotation One
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Driving Arcana: Rotation TwoRotationTwoCoverSm
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Driving Arcana: Rotation Three
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Wheel 1: By Moon and Star

  1. The Sword and the Shield (Apsis Fiction 1.1, Rotation One)
  2. Highway Unicorns (Apsis Fiction 1.1, Rotation One)
  3. Shadows in the Valley of Death (Apsis Fiction 1.2, Rotation One)
  4. Sex, Blood, and Rock ‘n’ Roll (Apsis Fiction 2.1, Rotation Two)
  5. God, or Aliens (Apsis Fiction 2.2, Rotation Two)
  6. Missionary Man (Apsis Fiction 3.1, Rotation Two)
  7. Sons of Fire (Apsis Fiction 4.1, Rotation Three)
  8. Dying to Live (Apsis Fiction 4.2, Rotation Three)
  9. By Moon and Star (Apsis Fiction 4.2, Rotation Three)

Wheel 2: Paving the Road to Hell

  1. The Earth It Weeps (Apsis Fiction 5.1, Rotation Four)
  2. Out of Space (Apsis Fiction 5.2, Rotation Four)
  3. Half Lives (Apsis Fiction 6.1, Rotation Four)
  4. Critical Magic (Apsis Fiction 6.1, Rotation Five)
  5. On the Surface Die (Apsis Fiction 6.2, Rotation Five)
  6. Free Man Running (Apsis Fiction 7.1, Rotation Five)
  7. Follow the Dark (Apsis Fiction 7.1, Rotation Six)
  8. Paving the Road to Hell (Apsis Fiction 7.2, Rotation Six)
  9. Escape Plan (Apsis Fiction 7.2, Rotation Six)

Wheel 3: Hope in the Forest of Despair

  1. Lightning Does Strike Twice (Rotation Seven)
  2. Moonrise Over Hades (Rotation Seven)
  3. The Hour I First Believed (Rotation Seven)
  4. Hope in the Forest of Despair (Rotation Eight)
  5. Cloth of Man (Rotation Eight)
  6. Blood and Fury (Rotation Eight)
  7. Fear Not (Rotation Nine)
  8. A Cold Day in Hell (Rotation Nine)
  9. The Great Gate (Rotation Nine)

Wheel 4 TBA…