Bouragner Felpz

In a world filled with magic, young orphan Corianne Birch is steadfastly ordinary. But when she is adopted by her godfather, the flamboyant magician Bouragner Felpz, Corianne finds herself entangled in adventures ranging from the mysterious to the macabre. Confronted by living shadows, capricious fairies, friendly necromancers and strange ghosts, Corianne must come to terms with her own peculiar brand of magic, as well as her enigmatic guardian—who is, like many things in her world, more than he appears.

new episodes published semi-annually in Apsis Fiction


Bouragner Felpz Vol I

The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz, Volume I: A Study of Magic
Available in eBook and Paperback!




Adventures of Bouragner Felpz, Volume II: Anatomy of a Magician
Available in eBook and Paperback!





Volume I (A Study of Magic)

  1. The Purple Gentleman (Volume I)
  2. The Crimson Stair (Volume I)
  3. The Unholy Cathedral (Volume I)
  4. Snakes and Ladders (Volume I)
  5. The Last Dragon (Volume I)
  6. The Amazing Mages (Volume I)
  7. The Twisted Unicorn (Volume I)
  8. The Song of the Fire Stones (Volume I)
  9. The Labors of Lilith Maugs (Volume I)
  10. The Alchemists’ Circle (Volume I)
  11. After the Storm (Volume I)

Volume II (Anatomy of a Magician)

  1. The Magician Returns (Apsis Fiction 1.1Volume II)
  2. A Horse in the Night (Apsis Fiction 1.2, Volume II)
  3. The Ghost of Castle Hill (Apsis Fiction 1.2, Volume II)
  4. Griffin’s Blood (Apsis Fiction 2.1, Volume II)
  5. The Three Fates of Talias Minn (Apsis Fiction 2.1, Volume II)
  6. The Stone Man (Apsis Fiction 2.2, Volume II)
  7. The Withered Hand (Apsis Fiction 2.2, Volume II)
  8. The Moonfoot Problem (Apsis Fiction 3.1, Volume II)
  9. The Case of Countess Baronia (Apsis Fiction 3.1, Volume II)
  10. The Goblin’s Fiddle (Apsis Fiction 4.1, Volume II)
  11. The Silver Chimera (Apsis Fiction 4.1, Volume II)
  12. The Hidden Road (Apsis Fiction 4.2, Volume II)

Volume III (The Aubergine Spellbook)

  1. The Wolves of Riddlemoor (Apsis Fiction 5.1, Volume III)
  2. The Hand of Rishké (Apsis Fiction 5.2, Volume III)
  3. The Peculiar Case of Professor Odd (Apsis Fiction 6, Volume III)