Apsis Fiction 2-2: Perihelion 2015

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Apsis Fiction Volume 2, Issue 2: Perihelion 2015

  • FICTION>Fantasy>General/Anthologies and Short Stories
  • FICTION>Science Fiction>General/Anthologies and Short Stories
  • Author suggests suitability for readers ages 12 and up
  • Compare with Amazing Stories, Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Smith’s Monthly
  • eBook available from: Amazon KindleiTunesKobo and NOOK
  • Paperback available from: Amazon (U.S. and Europe), Barnes and Noble, direct via Create Space, and your local book store.


A young woman’s fiancé disappears, and a man made of stone takes his place; Bouragner Felpz receives a distress call from what appears to be a disembodied hand. In Utah, a boy’s sudden disappearance leads Jill Hamilton to investigate several cases of unexplainable phenomena; two children discover a magical portal and go exploring across the universe; and in the season finale of Professor Odd, Elo and Alister find themselves trapped in the most dangerous universe yet: the Professor’s own homeworld!

These are the stories of Apsis Fiction: Perihelion 2015, the fourth issue of Goldeen Ogawa’s semi-annual anthology of fantasy and science fiction.

Perihelion 2015 includes:

  • “The Stone Man” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #6)
  • “The Withered Hand” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #7)
  • “God, or Aliens” (Driving Arcana #5)
  • “Amar and Desta’s Big Day Out” (Standalone)
  • “The Monster’s Daughter” (Professor Odd #6)

eBook available from: Amazon KindleiTunesKobo, and NOOK

Paperback available from: Amazon (U.S. and Europe), Barnes and Noble, direct via Create Space, and your local book store.

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